The Bands at the Peak




At Banded Peak all students participate in a music program. Students from grades 1-4 learn to read music notation, sing, write their own rhythms and melodies and perform on a variety of instruments such as recorder, percussion and mallet instruments.


In grade 5, all students become members of the Junior Band learning their first wind, brass or percussion instrument! It is one of the highlights of their year and they perform two shows annually as well taking part in the Rocky View Schools Westfest Junior Band Festival. This band has been awarded Distinction, the highest ranking in the festival.


Grade 6 students are all members of the Intermediate Band, a second year ensemble that continues our strong band tradition, playing more advanced music and also competing at Westfest. They too, earn very high ratings at this festival.


Our Concert Band is comprised of grade 7 and 8 students. Despite being optional, more than half of all grade 7 and 8s choose to join this group. They play at our two annual shows at Christmas and in the spring, as well as also performing at many school functions. In addition, they compete most years, at the Calgary Performing Arts Festival earning high ratings from the adjudicators. A highlight for this group is our bi-annual trip to camp for 2 nights!


Perhaps the most unique group in our music department is our Marching Band. To our knowledge, no other K- 8 school in the division offers such an opportunity. This group is open to all students from grades 5-8 and, at present we have close to 50 members. That is one sixth of our entire school population! We have a drumline, full brass section and wind contingent as well as a small colour guard. We even have our own drill creator and instructor.


Our history:  In 2016 our the band program consisted of one Junior Band at the grade 6 level and a grade 7/8 Concert Band of just 16 members. Since then we have added a grade 5 Band, a Marching Band and grown the senior Concert Band to a much larger ensemble of between 35 and 50 members depending on school enrolment each year. The band program is a vibrant, integral part of our school and highly valued by our students, parents, staff and administration. And something that most every grade 1- 4 student looks forward to being a part of.


Lynn Ewing Fischer

Bands Director

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