Welcome to Grade 5/6

Grade 5/6 Band/music from Sep 06, 2021 11:30 AM to Jun 25, 2022 11:30 AM
From September until December students will learn the concepts of band ensemble band playing using the ukulele and return to concert band instruments possibly in January after the pandemic restrictions lighten up.
Mrs. Jill Winters
File Staples School Supplies
All students from Grade 5 - 8 at Banded Peak are encouraged to purchase supplies through the Staples School Tools program available at www.staples.ca/schooltools . Staples School Tools provides you with direct access to the school supplies your child will need – as provided by their actual teachers – and an easy way to order them without ever leaving home.
Staples School Tools
Our School Staff
Social Studies
This year, in grade 7/8 social studies, students will be learning about worldview, the Renaissance (origin of the western worldview), Aztecs and Spanish (worldview in conflict) and Japan (a shifting worldview, from isolation to adaptation). This year in grade 5/6 social studies, students will be learning about democracy, specifically: citizens participating in decision making (local and provincial government) and historical models of democracy (Iroquois confederacy and Ancient Athens).
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