Principal's Message


Principal's Message

Principal's MessageTo achieve our Four-Year Plan, Innovators by Design, Banded Peak will introduce, develop and refine programming to ensure that all students are supported in their learning, are challenged in their academics, and are provided unique and engaging opportunities to learn.  We will explore opportunities to enhance our learning support model to ensure that all students and staff are supported and cared for.  We will strive to make learning visible by introducing real time reporting and promoting an open dialogue around achievement and individual goal setting.  We will enhance opportunities for students to engage in the outdoors by improving staff professional learning and creating open spaces to encourage exploration and collaboration.

Banded Peak is an inclusive learning environment where every child is supported and cared for.  We recognize that all children are unique, have their own interests and learn at their own pace.  We endeavor to provide appropriate support so that each child can attain their own, individual potential.  Our learning support team, which consists of administration, learning support teacher, literacy teacher, and Child Development Advisor (CDA), work in collaboration with classroom teachers to program, problem solve and plan for students.  As we look forward, our focus is to refine program delivery and find efficiencies to improve student learning.  To support this, we will refine our School Resource Group to enhance communication and decrease redundancy, track school wide literacy development, improve teacher professional development, and introduce classroom reviews.

Central to staff at Banded Peak is our belief that all students can achieve personal excellence.  Through sustained hard work, perseverance, dedication and support, “we strive to be the best that we can be”.  As we look forward, our focus is to adopt real time reporting to improve home/school communication, aid in goal setting and improve student achievement.  In an era when the school is not the physical hub of the community, we will improve our digital presence to showcase student work and will utilize online resources to engage parents in an open conversation about their child’s experience and learning journey at school.

Banded Peak is fortunate to be situated on 40 acres of forested land, affectionately referred to as “The Back 40”.  This untouched outdoor space is used for cross country running, skiing, snowshoeing, orienteering, leadership, as a classroom, and as a play space.  Looking forward our focus will be on further infusing this space into all curriculum in meaningful ways.  Through ongoing professional development, continued access to the outdoors, and the construction of a new outdoor classroom, students and teachers will develop confidence in accessing the Back 40.

Through these initiatives Banded Peak School is well positioned to provide our students, our teachers, and our community access to an engaging, enriching, innovative and quality learning experience.


Mr. Pols and Mr. Pedersen

Banded Peak Administrative Team

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