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Facts About Math
Developing basic literacy and numeracy skills is a primary focus from Kindergarten to Grade 4, and a continued focus through to Grade 12 in Rocky View Schools and across the province.
Preschool Intervention Program (PIP)
Highlights of Banded Peak 2012 -2013 School Results Report
Highlights of Banded Peak 2012-2013 School Results Report were presented to those in attendance at the November 27, 2013 School Council meeting.
Communication of Student Learning
This fall RVS will be introducing a new process for communicating student learning is being unveiled after three years of planning and review.
netWORK with Rocky View Schools
Do you have a particular skill you would be willing to share with students? Are you looking to access student volunteer services? If so, visit netWORK, RVS’ new online volunteer database!
Are you interested in making a donation to our jurisdiction or our school?
2011-2014 School Education Plan (Year Two)
Banded Peak's 2011-2014 School Education Plan (Year Two) has been created to help guide our work during the upcoming year.
Banded Peak School Soars!
Fostering the belief that staff and students strive to be the best they can be, in October 2010, Banded Peak School volunteered to participate in a Value-Added School Review (VASR).
Important information regarding school supplies
Banded Peak wants to make school supply shopping easy this year! Parents can save both time and money by ordering their 2012/13 school supplies through School Start. For those parents wishing to personally shop for school supplies, just download the School Start order forms for a list of supplies your children will need. Learn more!
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