Welcome to Ms. Lepard's Grade 5/6 Class


I am very excited to be back in the grade 5/6 classroom with your child for the 2020/21 school year! I have been teaching with Rocky View Schools since 2003 and this is my seventh year at Banded Peak School. My experiences in the classroom have ranged from grades 1-7 and Learning Support. This will be my fourth year on the Grade 5/6 team at Banded Peak. I am also a parent of two children in grades seven and nine.

Courses Taught: Grade ⅚ Core Subjects, Physical Education, Health, Art

Classroom Communication: Google Classroom will be updated weekly with assignments, projects, and websites for students and parents to access from school or home.

These are the topics that we will be exploring in curriculum this year:

Grade 5 Math: Multiplication and division facts (9x9); Multiply 2-digit by 2-digit numbers; Divide 3-digit by one-digit numbers; Compare fractions with unlike denominators; Work with decimals (thousandths); Solve one-step equations; Solve problems with whole number solutions; Learn about probability.

Grade 6 Math: Convert improper fractions & mixed numbers; Learn about integers; Understand ratio and percent; Multiply & divide decimal numbers; Solve equations using Order of Operations; Use variables, graphs and tables to show number patterns.

Students in both grades will also access Mathletics (online learning) at their appropriate curriculum level.

Language: Reading (class novel read aloud beginning with The Breadwinner), Writing (Journals, Biographies, Narratives, Scripts, Newspapers) , Speaking (Presentations)

Social Studies: Democracy, Ancient Athens, Iroquois, Local government, Provincial government

Science: Trees and Forests, Air and Aerodynamics, Classroom Chemistry, Wetlands

French/Band will be taught by Mrs. Fischer

Assessment of Learning: Grade 5/6 students will be assessed through anecdotal observations, formative and summative assessments. One report card will be written in June. For the remainder of the year, feedback in the form of marks, indicators and comments will be regularly updated through PowerSchool (https://ps.rockyview.ab.ca/public/home.html).



Email: klepard@rockyview.ab.ca

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kelly_lepard

Please be in touch through email if you have any questions or concerns about your child's grade 5/6 experience. Thanks for being my partner in your child's education! :)

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